Sunday, 20 March 2016


From April 4th we will be involved in something called Quadblogging.  What this means is that we are paired with three other classes around the world and we will be connecting and interacting with them via our blog.

Here are the links to our groups blogs:

Mrs Ryan's Class 2015/2016 - Year 5, Wirral, UK

5T 2015-2016 - Grade 5, Fall Creek, Wisconsin, USA

Mrs Shannon's Class 2015/2016 - Grade 5, Geneva, IL, USA

Do a bit of googling to discover more about where in the world these places are.  When you find out something that you feel others would be interested in, write a comment below.


  1. Fall creek has roughly the same population as Huapai. Geneva, Illinois have a population of over 21,000. Wirral has a population of over 312,000