Monday, 11 April 2016

Cracking the Gender Code

Are there unspoken rules about how boys and girls should act on social network sites?

Imagine that you have posted a photo on social media.  You receive these two comments:

1.  OMG you look SO pretty here!  Luv u!

2.  Dude!  Awesome post.

Guess the sex of the person that left each comment.  Discuss.

Is it fair to assume that all girls and boys write messages like these?

What is gender?

Gender is a type of learned behaviour.  Boys, for example, are not biologically hardwired to call one another 'dude' and girls are not born thinking that they should call each other 'pretty'.

Cracking the code:

Complete the profile of someone of the opposite sex to you.  You need to imagine you are that person.  Think about the kinds of things they would like doing, would say, what their friends would say.

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