Monday, 11 April 2016

Picture Perfect

How can photos be changed on the computer, and how can that affect your feelings about the way you look?

Today we are going to explore this question.  Have a look at the image below:

I this real or fake?  We decided this image is definitely altered to make it look real.  Pretty cool though, right?  Sometimes the images we see online that are altered can send a positive message, often they don't though.

Beauty evolution:

Often the images we see of people in magazines, advertisements, in commercials and on billboards are altered.  They make people look different to how they look in reality.  The editors and advertisers who are creating these images want them to look perfect.


1.  What stood out to you about this video?
2.  Do you think that the picture could trick people into believing this is real?  Is this a good thing or not?

Magazine Magic:

Look at the images on the handout of Kelly Clarkson and Andy Roddick.  Answer the questions about the messages these magazines are sending to their readers.

Here is a link to an article of Andy Roddick talking about the altered image of him on the magazine.
Here is a link to an article about the photoshopping of Kelly Clarkson's cover.

Reflection Questions:

What does it mean to alter an image?

What are some upsides and downsides of photo altering?

Why do you think so many photos in magazines and advertisements are altered?  How might altering a photo help sell a product?

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