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Olympic Winners: Maths Rich Task

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Task 1 purpose:

– to find information on previous Olympic winners and use this information to make a future prediction.

– Use oral and visual language features to create an easy to follow Google slides presentation.

Task 1 Olympic Winners 

A. Prepare a presentation on the winning history of a specific Olympic event. Each group is to create a presentation for the rest of the class in Google Slides.

B. Select an Olympic event, either men's or women's. Using the site and find the winners information for your chosen sport for the past 5 Olympic Games.

C. Create a graph to display the winning times/distances for your chosen Olympic event.

D. Predict the winning time/distance for this event at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

E. Present and explain your group's graph and prediction to the rest of your class. Be prepared to answer questions about your graph and prediction.

F. Check the winning time/distance against your prediction, after your chosen event has been held. How accurate were you?

Your presentation must include: ­ 

  • your graph showing times/distances for the winners in your chosen event; ­ 
  • your prediction for the event in Rio 2016 and the process you went through to work it out.

How to gather the information for your chosen event. 

1) Put the web address into your web browser. Depending on your browser this will either take you to the sport page of the Official Olympic web site or to the home page. If you end up on the home page select the sports tab at the top of the page. 

2) Select your preferred sport, e.g. swimming 

3) Now chose the specific event within that sport, e.g. woman’s 400 metres freestyle. On this page you will see the three medallist from the London 2012 games. Just underneath that will be the link for all medallist in your chosen event click on this and you will have all the information you need.

How to make a prediction based on historical information. 
– Gather the historical information and create a graph 
– Use the graph to determine general trends. A trend is created when over time the winning times/distances get shorter or longer or stay about the same. 
– Now make a prediction as to what you think might happen at this year’s Olympic Games. 

(Note: this is not simply making a random guess. Rather you are making an informed prediction based on historical information.)

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